How You Can Help A Hero

There are many ways that you can help a hero.  We work with individuals, companies, churches, and ministries to help get veterans, first responders, and their families the help that they need.

Prayers — First and foremost, we need prayer.  This is a job that is much bigger than us, and if we try to do it in our own power, we will surely fail.  However, we serve a God that is bigger than the problem, and through His power, we can accomplish what He has put us here for.  Please pray for us and for the heroes that we are helping.

Financial Support — Let’s face it… everything seems to cost money, including helping people.  We need ongoing financial support form individuals, businesses, organizations, and churches.  We are very careful to make sure that all money is used carefully and frugally, and that we are good stewards of what is entrusted to us.  The easiest way to donate is by clicking the “Help A Hero” button on the Home page of this site.  It will take you to our gofundme page where you can make a donation.  If you’d like to donate in honor of a hero (fallen or living), please put that hero’s name where it says “Leave a comment” on the donation form.  We will be putting together a Wall Of Honor on this site in the near future, and we will put your hero’s name on it.

Church Support — If your church would like to support us as a ministry with either a one-time or monthly gift, that would be a huge blessing.  Also, if you would like to offer your church as a place to hold our meetings, we would also welcome that.

Business Sponsors, Underwriters, and Donors — We welcome businesses who love veterans and first responders to help underwrite our expenses.  We will list you on our website as sponsors and make sure that the word gets out that you support our heroes. Please contact us for more information about sponsorship.

Volunteer — we always need volunteers to help with various things, including facilitating the PTSD and other support groups, as well as fundraising and other needs.

Spread The Word — Please spread the word by sharing our website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Instagram feed.  Also, please tell churches and businesses about us, and definitely let any veterans, first responders, and their families know about us.

We thank you, and the heroes and their families thank you!